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Share Widely: 2014 Chican@s Unidos Scholarship

2014 Scholarships Now Open

Application Deadline:  MONDAY MAY 5th 2014.
High School Scholarships:
    Two $500 High School Scholarship: For graduating seniors, attending college in Fall 2014
General Scholarship
    One $500 Community College Scholarship: For students entering (but not graduating HS seniors) or continuing at a community college in Fall 2014
    One $500 University Scholarship: For students transferring from a community college or continuing university students in Fall 2014
    One $500 Graduate/Credential Scholarship: For students in a graduate school or teaching credential program in fall 2014
Second Chance Scholarship:
    One $500  a person who needs a second chance at an education or job training because they were directly affected by, or have had significant direct personal experience with the criminal in-justice system and prison industrial complex. This includes, but is not limited to, applicants who have themselves been incarcerated, as well as applicants who have a family member or loved one who has been incarcerated and who have, as a result, had adverse personal circumstances that has made staying in school difficult.
Application Deadline:  MONDAY MAY 5th 2014. Mailed applications must be postmarked.  Emailed Applications must be received by midnight.
You can submit your application in two ways:
    By Email:
 Subject line should have your last name. No more than two attachments (transcripts and application with essay)  Email to Elisa Guevara at  iguevara85@yahoo.com.
    By Mail:
    Chican@s Unidos de Orange County
    Education Committee
    700 W. 3rdStreet #A208
    Santa Ana, Ca 92701
All Applicants must be from Orange County and attending school in Fall 2014 and must be committed to the Orange County Chican@/Latino@ community.
Recipients will be announced on May 30th, 2014.
Please plan to attend the 5th Annual CU Scholarship Ceremony and Fundraiser on August 16th 2014.
For additional information contact:
Carolyn Torres at torresc219@gmail.com or at 949-295-6423
  or  visit Chican@s Unidos on Facebook
To download applications:
Thank You,Carolyn Torres

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