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May Day 2015 invitation/1o de Mayo 2015 invitación

Hello everyone,

As you may know, since May Day 2014, a few of the member organizations of OC May Day coalition have continued to meet to be alert of the current local situation in terms of policy change. Our research team has been very active, and has found information that is key for next steps. We want to share this information, and start planning the strategy for the continuation of the campaign to get rid of SA’s collaboration with ICE.
This is an invitation to reactivate your membership and join May Day Coalition.
Be part of the decision making that will make May Day 2015 a success!

Next mtg Friday Nov. 14, 6pm at the SEIU office 1936 W Chapman Ave. 92868

(meeting days can be changed upon request of a majority)
May Day is also about practicing self-determination and demostrating that “another world is possible without borders.”
More info: text or call Gema 714-845-7501
“Never be deceived that the rich will permit you to vote away their wealth” Lucy Parsons, IWW
Hola a todxs,

Como algunxs sabrán, desde el 1ro de Mayo 2014, algunas de las organizaciones de la Coalición del 1ro Mayo han estado reuniéndose para estar alertas de la situación local actual sobre cómo cambiar políticas. Nuestro equipo de investigación ha estado muy activo y ha encontrado información clave para los siguientes pasos. Queremos compartir esta información, y comenzar los planes de estrategia para continuar la campaña de deshacer la colaboración de SA con la Migra.

Esta es una invitación para reactivar su membresía y unirse a la Coalición.
¡Sean parte del proceso de decisión que hará el 1ro de Mayo 2015 un éxito!
Siguiente junta viernes, Nov. 14, 6pm Oficina de SEIU, 1936 W Chapman Ave. 92868
(Los días de las juntas podrán modificarse a petición de la mayoría)
El 1ro de Mayo también se trata de practicar la autogestión y demostrar que “otro mundo es posible sin fronteras.”
Más info: texto o llama a Gema 714-845-7501
 “No hay que dejarse engañar que los ricos van a permitir que les quitemos su riqueza con el voto” Lucy Parsons de Trabajadorxs   Industriales del Mundo.

Share Widely: 2014 Chican@s Unidos Scholarship

2014 Scholarships Now Open

Application Deadline:  MONDAY MAY 5th 2014.
High School Scholarships:
    Two $500 High School Scholarship: For graduating seniors, attending college in Fall 2014
General Scholarship
    One $500 Community College Scholarship: For students entering (but not graduating HS seniors) or continuing at a community college in Fall 2014
    One $500 University Scholarship: For students transferring from a community college or continuing university students in Fall 2014
    One $500 Graduate/Credential Scholarship: For students in a graduate school or teaching credential program in fall 2014
Second Chance Scholarship:
    One $500  a person who needs a second chance at an education or job training because they were directly affected by, or have had significant direct personal experience with the criminal in-justice system and prison industrial complex. This includes, but is not limited to, applicants who have themselves been incarcerated, as well as applicants who have a family member or loved one who has been incarcerated and who have, as a result, had adverse personal circumstances that has made staying in school difficult.
Application Deadline:  MONDAY MAY 5th 2014. Mailed applications must be postmarked.  Emailed Applications must be received by midnight.
You can submit your application in two ways:
    By Email:
 Subject line should have your last name. No more than two attachments (transcripts and application with essay)  Email to Elisa Guevara at  iguevara85@yahoo.com.
    By Mail:
    Chican@s Unidos de Orange County
    Education Committee
    700 W. 3rdStreet #A208
    Santa Ana, Ca 92701
All Applicants must be from Orange County and attending school in Fall 2014 and must be committed to the Orange County Chican@/Latino@ community.
Recipients will be announced on May 30th, 2014.
Please plan to attend the 5th Annual CU Scholarship Ceremony and Fundraiser on August 16th 2014.
For additional information contact:
Carolyn Torres at torresc219@gmail.com or at 949-295-6423
  or  visit Chican@s Unidos on Facebook
To download applications:
Thank You,Carolyn Torres

OCMDC statement on new SAPD ICE hold policy

[español abajo]

9/13/13 OC May Day Coalition position on SAPD’s ICE hold request policy

The OC May Day Coalition initiated its “Keep our Families Together!” campaign on May 1st, 2013. The Coalition’s campaign targeted the City of Santa Ana’s complicity in separating families in two ways: 1) honoring ICE hold requests for individuals detained in Santa Ana by SAPD, and 2) housing immigration detainees (mostly from other cities) in the City Jail. The Coalition has asked for a binding Ordinance that would stop SAPD from honoring ICE holds, housing immigration detainees in the City Jail, or letting ICE use City facilities.

On 8/27/13 SAPD announced a new administrative policy which creates criteria for evaluating ICE hold requests. SAPD decided to honor ICE detainers for detainees considered “a danger to the community,” but not honor ICE hold requests for certain low level suspects.

However, this policy is redundant and unnecessary. Those inmates charged with serious crimes will be transferred to county jails where they will also undergo investigation by ICE.

This new policy further entrenches a two-tiered system of (in)justice: one standard for citizens, and another for the undocumented.

The internal administrative policy is not as strong as an Ordinance. We want Santa Ana to take a leadership position on this issue and be a model for other cities who wish to opt out of ICE collaboration.

The list of those suspects to be turned over to ICE is vague and overbroad. For example, “Detainers will be honored … [if] the person is arrested for a terrorism-related offense or is reasonably suspected of involvement in terrorism and/or subversive activities.” This sounds like a catch-all to crack down on any kind of dissent, especially Muslims and anti-war activists.

Detainers will also be honored if one is arrested for a non-violent drug misdemeanor.

Another reason for ICE collaboration is accusing the detainee of “participating in criminal street gang activity.” Police can unilaterally accuse a suspect of “gang” associations whenever they want to increase punishment and diminish civil rights.1

We have experienced much abuse at the hands of police officers’ “reasonable suspicions” and “discretion.” We have experienced the unjust immigration policies.

An illustrative recent case is that of José Ucelo, an Anaheim day laborer.2 He was picked up for work by an unscrupulous employer. After a day’s work, the employer called the police falsely alleging that Ucelo was trying to rob him at knifepoint in order to avoid paying him. The police believed the employer, but not Ucelo, and accused him of violent felonies. As a result of being detained in the county jail, Ucelo was identified and turned over to ICE custody. Had this incident occurred in Santa Ana, this innocent man would have suffered the same fate under the new administrative policy. The SAPD should consider all suspects innocent until proven guilty and not make an extra effort to punish migrant detainees who have not been convicted of any crime.

While he was awaiting ICE hearings, Ucelo was housed at the Santa Ana City Jail. The immigration detainees that Santa Ana has been trying to make a profit from housing are mostly people not charged with any crime (85%).3 Those detainees charged with a felony may have been fraudulently, unfairly or improperly accused.

For these reasons, we are not satisfied with the new administrative policy and will continue to fight for all collaboration between ICE and SAPD to cease. We want full legalization of all undocumented people and equal rights for all. In the short term, we can change some of the most onerous policies in order to lessen the repression of undocumented people in Orange County and the surrounding communities.

Coalición del 1o de Mayo de OC: postura sobre la política de peticiones de detención migratoria de SAPD (13/9/13)

El 1o de Mayo, 2013 la Coalición inició su campaña “¡Mantengamos a nuestras familias unidas!” La campaña se enfocó en la complicidad de la Ciudad de Santa Ana en separar a las familias de dos maneras: 1) cumplir con las peticiones de detención migratoria para los detenidos en Santa Ana por SAPD, y 2) alojar a detenidos migratorios (la mayoría de otras ciudades) en la Cárcel de la Ciudad. La Coalición ha exigido una Ordenanza obligatoria que impida que SAPD cumpla con las peticiones de la migra, alojando a detenidos migratorios en la Cárcel de la Ciudad, o preste las instalaciones municipales a la migra.

El 27 de agosto, 2013 SAPD anunció una nueva política administrativa que crea criterios para evaluar las peticiones de detención emitidas por ICE. La Policía de Santa Ana decidió cumplir con estas peticiones migratorias en casos de detenidos considerados “un peligro a la comunidad,” pero no en algunos casos de sospechosos de ciertos delitos menores.

Sin embargo, esta política es redundante e innecesaria. Aquellos presos acusados de delitos graves serán trasladados a las cárceles de la Ciudad donde también serán investigados por ICE.

Esta nueva política establece aún más un sistema penal injusto de dos niveles: un estándar para los ciudadanos, y otro para los indocumentados.

Esta política administrativa interna no es tan fuerte como una Ordenanza. Queremos que Santa Ana tome una postura de liderazgo sobre esta cuestión y que sea modelo para otras ciudades que quieren evitar la colaboración con la migra.

La lista de los cargos de los sospechosos que se han de entregar a ICE es vaga y demasiado amplia. Por ejemplo, “Se cumplirán con las peticiones de detención migratoria … [si] la persona arrestada sea arrestada por un cargo relacionado con el terrorismo o razonablemente sea sospechada de involucrarse en el terrorismo y/o las actividades subversivas.” Esto suena a un pretexto para reprimir a cualquier tipo de disensión, especialmente contra los musulmanes y los activistas anti-guerra.

Se cumplirán con las peticiones de detención migratoria también si uno esté arrestado por un delito menor no violento relacionado con las drogas.

Otra razón por la colaboración con ICE es acusar al detenido de “participar en la actividad delictivo de pandillas.” La policía puede unilateralmente acusar a un sospechoso de asociaciones “pandilleriles” cuandoquiera que quieran aumentar el castigo y disminuir los derechos civiles. 4

Hemos experimentado mucho abuso debido a “las sospechas razonables” y “la discreción” de la policía. Hemos experimentado las políticas migratorias injustas.

Un caso ilustrativo reciente es el de José Ucelo, un jornalero en Anaheim. 5 Fue contratado por un empleador inmoral. Después de la jornada, el empleador habló la policía falsamente alegando que Ucelo le quisiera robar con un cuchillo para que no lo pagara. La policía creyó al empleador, pero no a Ucelo, y lo acusó de delitos mayores violentos. Como resultado de haber sido detenido en la cárcel del condado, Ucelo fue identificado y entregado a ICE. Si hubiera sucedido este incidente en Santa Ana, este hombre inocente habría sufrido el mismo trato bajo la nueva política administrativa. SAPD debe considerar a todos los sospechosos inocentes hasta que sean comprobados culpables y no hacer un esfuerzo adicional a castigar a los detenidos migrantes no convictos de ningún delito.

Mientras esperaba sus audiencias migratorias, Ucelo fue alojado en la Cárcel de la Ciudad de Santa Ana. La mayoría de los detenidos migratorios ahí – encarcelados con fines de hacer negocio cobrando a ICE por su detención – no están acusados de ningún delito (85%).6 Esos detenidos acusados con un delito mayor pueden haberse sido acusados fraudulentamente, injustamente, o incorrectamente.

Por lo tanto, no estamos conformes con la nueva política administrativa, y seguiremos luchando para que se acabe todo tipo de colaboración entre SAPD y ICE. Queremos la legalización plena de todos los indocumentados y los derechos iguales para todos. De corto plazo, podemos cambiar las políticas más pésimas para disminuir la represión contra los indocumentados del Condado de Orange y las comunidades alrededor.


ORDER #. 02.13 PAGES 3 Date 08-13-13




Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detainee Processes


To establish guidelines for Santa Ana Jail personnel in the processing of individuals identified as unlawfully present immigrants subject to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) federal detainers.


The Attorney General’s Information Bulletin 2012-DLE-01 published December 4, 2012, establishes ICE detainers are not compulsory and are enforceable at the discretion of the individual law enforcement agency.

Further, the bulletin clarifies the Secure Communities program does not require local law enforcement agencies to determine immigration status or enforce immigration laws. And, while anyone booked and fingerprinted is automatically screened for immigration violations through federal databases, local agencies have the discretion to determine their own policies regarding maintaining custody of individuals subject to federal detainers.

Santa Ana Police Department recognizes when police officers are perceived to engage in immigration enforcement, members of the immigrant community become less inclined to report crimes, identify criminals and assist law enforcement. While individuals booked into Santa Ana Jail (SAJ) will be subjected to Secure Communities automated immigration review as a matter of course, jail staff will not honor detainers on individuals charged with low-level offenses and who do not present a threat to public safety.


I. ICE Detainers

A. The determination to honor an immigration detainer on an individual charged with a misdemeanor or traffic offense shall be made by a shift supervisor or above.

B. When jail personnel receive an ICE detainer through the automated Secure Communities system, the detainer is to be turned over to Classification staff so personnel can run a criminal history report on the subject of the detainer.

C. The on-duty supervisor will conduct a public risk assessment which will include a review of the individual’s initial offense, the individual’s criminal history and any other information pertinent to assessing the best interest of the community and public safety.

D. Detainers will be honored when any of the following conditions exists:

1) The person is arrested for a felony

2) The person is arrested for a misdemeanor involving violence, sex offenses, weapons or drugs.

3) The person is arrested for a terrorism-related offense or is reasonably suspected of involvement in terrorism and/or subversive activities.

4) The person is arrested for or is reasonably suspected of involvement in human smuggling or human trafficking.

5) The person is arrested for or is reasonably suspected of participating in a sophisticated or organized criminal activity.

6) The person is arrested for or is reasonably suspected of participating in criminal street gang activity.

7) The person is reasonably suspected of a serious felony but due to time restraints, there is a risk the person will be released prior to the processing of physical evidence.

II. Bail/Bond

A. Once an individual’s identification is determined, staff will accept bail or cash bond on any bondable charge.

B. In the event a person has an ICE detainer at the time of the bail/bond posting, SAJ staff will accept the bail/bond and give notification to the individual posting the bail/bond of the existence of the ICE detainer.

C. Upon accepting bail/bond, records staff will immediately notify Ice Detention and Removal operations to advise of the posting.

D. If ICE does not pick up the arrestee within 48 hours of the bail/bond posting, SAJ will release the arrestee according to established bail/bond release procedures.

III. Emergency Medical

A. If an arrestee is in need of emergency medical attention and is only being held on an ICE detainer, the shift supervisor will notify ICE of the situation and make the determination whether to honor the detainer or release the arrestee.

B. If under extenuating circumstances ICE requests that the detainer be kept active, the shift supervisor will make the final decision to approve hospital coverage. The supervisor will also ensure that ICE personnel provide hospital guard relief for staff.

1 SAPD Order 02.13

2 “İEl patron es el ladrón! – The Boss is the Thief!” therebelpress.com

3 ICE DHS & TRAC 2013 Report

4 Orden de SAPD 02.13

5 “¡El patron es el ladrón! – The Boss is the Thief!” therebelpress.com

6 ICE DHS & TRAC 2013 Report

OC Political Pulse poll: Immigration reform

Let’s make our voice heard here:

OC Political Pulse poll: Immigration reform


May Day 2013 First meeting invitation

May Day 2013

First meeting invitation
Come and reconnect with old friends, new friends and allies!
Learn more about the Coalition and join is to plan for next year!

Who: individuals and organizations in Orange County
Meeting date and time: Thursday, Nov. 15, 6:30 – 8 pm
Location: SEIU-USWW, 1936 W. Chapman Ave., Orange CA 92868
Parking: small lot and street available
Light refreshments will be served.  Meeting to begin promptly.
For more information: ocmayday@gmail.com, (657)210-0263
Agenda items:
next campaign
May Day march
next steps